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ComposersKayne West
John Stephens
Jessyca Wilson
Alexandra Louise Brown
Milton Bland
Vaughn Stephens
ArtistsJohn Legend
R & B
LicenseCopyright © 2006 Cherry River Music Co. (BMI), John Legend Publishing (BMI), Unart Music Corp. (BMI), EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI), Please Gimme My Publishing Inc. (BMI), Special Agent Co. (BMI), Gambi Music Inc. (BMI), Jessyca Wilson Publishing Designee and Vaughan Stephens Publishing Designee Worldwide Rights for John Legend Publishing Administered by Cherry River Music Co. Rights for Unart Music Corp. assigned to EMI Catalogue Partnership and Controlled and Administered by EMI Unart Catalog Inc. All Rights for Please Gimme My Publishing Inc. Administered by EMI Blackwood Music Inc. All Rights for Gambi Music Inc. Administered by Special Agent Co. International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved - contains elements of (Brown/Higgins); © 1973 Unart Music Corp., Gambi Music Inc. and Special Agent Music
PublisherHal Leonard Corporation

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